Admin Support

Admin support can cover a whole variety of tasks. Popular services (which may be of interest you) have been listed below. Of course, the list doesn’t end here and if you require another task please contact me. I am very flexible, and even if I cannot complete the task myself I will know someone who can!

Internet Research

Research is required for every business at some point, and with the use of the internet it makes this information much more attainable and in a short space of time.

You may need help researching training courses, products, your competitors or even gift ideas for your friends or family.

Once we have discussed your requirements I will complete the research and present my findings in a professional, easy to read format.

Online Files

Are all your online files and folders all over the place?

Do you need some structure and organisation?

I can help! I will organise all your files and folders so you are able to find everything you need.

Email Management

I bet your email inbox is overflowing, like 10’s of thousands overflowing!

Seeing so many emails in your inbox can be extremely overwhelming and very difficult to differentiate between the important emails and everything else.

I can organise your inbox, unsubscribe from unwanted emails and set filters and rules in place keeping your inbox for all the important emails in your business.

Trello Boards

If you aren’t using Trello then you’re missing out! It is a fantastic way to organise most things in your business; to-do lists, goal setting, social media, blog posts, newsletters, website updates, communication with your VA and so much more.

I can set up board templates for you in your business or personal activities.

Save yourself time and money by outsourcing these admin support tasks today!

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